Our values

Since 1999, Solmondo has thrived on the strong values of its founder, France Arnaud de Taddéo. These values are both professional and human and are the reason for Solmondo’s success.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an absolute requirement for Solmondo. Solmondo is committed to elaborating custom-made solutions and meeting deadlines. The knowledge of the insured’s business and operations enables Solmondo to provide the most suitable responses to the needs of all its customers.

Our professionalism implies a continuous training effort and a constant innovation of the products that we offer. Our clients can count on our support at all times.

Team spirit

A young and dynamic team was built around France Arnaud de Taddéo, French Foreign Trade Advisor for France. It is the union of all these talents that shapes the spirit of Solmondo.

A human-sized, efficient and attentive team guarantees the correct feedback of information and the speed of its processing. Our proactive team implements solutions that are perfectly tailored to your expectations!


Solmondo triggers the market competition and is renowned for its creativity and its capacity to meet the challenges of its clients by offering them innovative solutions.

Solmondo identifies which insurer is the most suitable for the insured case to formalize the best policy, the most suited to specific cases: we structure an optimal cover.


We always aim at enhancing competition : even with client's order to bind the policy, Solmondo diligently seeks to improve the conditions of coverage.


Solmondo develops trust-based relationships with its clients. This relationship, combined with the human scale of Solmondo’s structure, allows us to undertake long-term business with our clients.


We guarantee the strictest confidentiality regarding the information collected.

Solmondo is an independent French broker, which allows optimal management of sensitive confidential files.

A small and autonomous structure guarantees the confidentiality of your operations. Indeed, the communication of confidential information remains limited to a small team.


Solmondo strives for excellence. It requires full commitment. This is why the involvement of our team, characterised by a demanding professional conscience, is total!

Environmental concern

Solmondo is aware of its responsibility towards its customers, suppliers, employees and the society. This is why Solmondo adopts a resolute attitude of eco-responsibility in order to limit the environmental impacts of its daily activities: limiting the use of paper, selective sorting, recycling, and upgrading renewable energies.

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