Cyber insurance

The multiplication of attacks and the increase in the amount of losses suffered as a result of cyber attacks means that this risk must be transferred.

Cyber risk cover

While we are faced with new forms of hacking that go along with the evolution of mobile technologies and the increase in interconnectivity, Solmondo will find the cover for liability and/or damages that best suits your needs. Ensuring data and network security allows for the continuity of the activity. Solmondo can structure these solutions into an international program.

Cyber insurance covers provide:

  • Prevention: training, services...
  • Crisis management: 24/7 hotline, immediate intervention of IT experts for data recovery, expert lawyer, public relations, etc…
  • In the event of Cyber extortion: support for negotiation and ransom repayment
  • Compensation for financial consequences: loss of business, data reconstruction, civil liability

Conclusion: Not equipping yourself with cyber cover becomes a management mistake.


These are acts committed by third parties and/or employees: theft, extortion, fraud, breach of trust, forgery, destruction and deterioration of property, breach of the data processing system, etc…

The insurance covers financial losses and associated costs (defence costs, public relations, etc.)…

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